What We Do

Friday Night Dinners
Food for Thought

Pizza & Discussion

JMT Friday Nights take place approximately every 2 months. They vary between Traditional and Themed meals. We've done: Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Chocolate and more.


Whatever the menu, you are assured of a delicious four-course meal with a great atmosphere, wonderful people and lots of l'chaim.

Pizza, Beer and a Jewish Discussion.


This event takes place fortnightly on Thursday evenings and is free of charge. Hosts choose the topic for discussion.

Previous topics have included:

Friday Night Dinner and Shabbat Day Shopping - Holy or Hypocritical?; If you've got it - flaunt it; Cannibalism or Kosher?


If you would like to host, please be in touch with Darren on 07989 989 343.

Holiday Events
Shabbat Minyan

JMT arrange innovative Jewish Holiday events including Pizza in a Hut where you can relax, enjoy delicious pizza in the Sukkah and shake the Lulav & Etrog; a Chanukah Shwarma Night & Pub Quiz; Purim Parties; Cream Tea & The 10 Commandments for Shavuot.

On Shabbat 25th January, JMT launched an experimental Shabbat Service, by JMT'ers for JMT'ers. It took place in the downstairs room in BHHS, Street Lane Gardens. The service ran from 10am-12pm and included regular prayers, explanations and a friendly welcoming service - followed by an exclusive JMT kiddush. Pending feedback, we are hoping to run the Shabbat service monthly - it's your chance to decide how it works.

One on One Study

Rabbi Eli and Dabrushy are available if you would like to do some one-on-one learning, whether as a once-off or regular sessions. 

They also teach pre-Marriage classes to Brides and Grooms.

Feel free to contact them:

Rabbi Eli - 07875 320 344

Dabrushy - 07970 190 210